About Disasterpiece:

I did not come up with the name “Disasterpiece”.  It was the name my four-year-old son gave to a piece of sidewalk chalk art.  The word quite well sums up life, I think.  A beautiful disaster.

Before giving the name to my studio, I did my research to be sure it hadn’t been taken.  Only then did I find out it was also a song by Slipknot.  (my four-year-old is a Slipknot fan?  -would explain a lot) 

My dad frowned when I told him. “Who’s going to want to associate themselves with a disaster?” – “You don’t spend a lot of time around artistic people, huh dad?”.

The saw blade is an exact depiction of the one my builder had in here when we were making this place.  It was fire engine red with these menacing, crooked teeth.  That’s the word I always use when asked “what kind of music do you listen to” – the music I like has to have “teeth”.

I do so love my punk rock, but it doesn’t have to be that.  Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan can plunge a knife in better than anybody.

The ghosts (or “spooks” as I call them) have been by my side for over twenty years.  The image was originally associated with a band I was in.  We called ourselves “The Spooks” (wouldn’t you guess).  I later started a recording studio/label and the spook became connected with anything we did.  Spook on fire, spook and crossbones, spook on a crucifix.  It so happens that I’m the only surviving member of The Spooks.  I suppose having them around is my way of keeping their spirits alive.  They would’ve loved it here.

What People Say

Without music, life would be a mistake.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.

Frank Zappa

The only truth is music.

Jack Kerouac

Let’s build something together.